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16日视频直播马刺vs快船 圣城能否结束两连败(16-17赛季火箭打马刺)

On the 16th, whether the Spurs VS Express City can end the two -game losing streak on the 16th
Time: 2018-11-15 21:00 | Author: Football Emperor | Source: Network

北京时间11月16日上午11点30,16日视频直播马刺vs快船 圣城能否结束两连败(16 马刺将会前往客场挑战洛杉矶快船,背靠背加上两连败,对于马刺来说是一个挑战

<img src = \"https://zuqiudi.cdn.viphxdz.com/files/35F71FBC3240710dd17A573793e3a9905ef3843c.jpeg\"/

Spurs VS Express

The current situation of the two sides:

The Clippers exploded the cold war to win the Golden State Warriors, and also caused the opponent to fall into the internal contradiction. Without the superstar, the Clippers\’ current record is 8 wins and 5 losses. Recently, the Clippers have excellent records. In the past 5 games, they won 4 of them, including the Warriors and the strong teams such as Bucks. They all won over time.

This season, the Clippers can averaged 116.6 points, the fifth place in the league, and their three -pointer hit the 38.7%, ranking second in the league, second only to Jinzhou, second only to Jinzhou warrior. The current scoring king of the Clippers is Tobias Harris. This season, Harris can averaged 20.4 points. At present, the Clippers are experiencing two consecutive victories, and the state is in good condition.

The recent record of the Spurs is worse. In the past two away games, the Spurs have lost to the king and the sun. In the game against the sun, the Spurs 96-116 lost to the opponent. In this game, DeRozan scored 24 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, but Aldridge played an abnormality. He scored 3 of 12 rebounds for 12 shots. Since the first quarter, the Spurs have lagged 15 points behind the opponent. family On the day of observation list. Two Clippers Bradeley and Bammer are currently in a state of nourishing.

Pre -match remarks:

In the past two games, the Clippers have defeated the two strong teams of Bucks and Warriors, coach River Ste also praised the team\’s performance. \”We will continue to become better, we can defeat anyone.\” After defeating the Warriors before, Clai Thompson said when the Clippers had been commented that the Clippers defense was nothing special, but it was pretty good. Today, Rivers said, \”It\’s really not special, but it is really good. I agree with Claid\’s statement.\”


Spurs: Aldridge, DeRozan, Derrick White, Forbes, Corningham

Clippers: Alexander, Harris, Garnari, Gutt, Bever Li

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